Features of Baba Tenen Super Margosa

  • Destroying insects’ membrane at cellular level after entering its body, leading to dehydration and death.
  • Effective for small insects.
  • Does not injure our skin, harmless to wounds.

Features of Baba Tenen 50X

  • Promote bloom development and increase plant yields.
  • Produce strong root system and enhance absorption ability.
  • Environment friendly and safe.
  • Providing good living environment.

Product Details


Expert: Mrs. Tang, Fui Sun Garden

Whenever faced with attacks of scale insects, Mrs. Tang will try spraying Super Margosa on it directly for a few consecutive days. She was taken by surprised that this solution works and the scale insects attack problems were effectively resolved. This incident definitely boost up her confident level toward organic materials and she is now more willing to share this experiences with her customers too.

Expert: Mr. Lim, Bukit Tinggi Nursery

Mr. Lim told us that lotus plants and water lilies in his garden center have been rampantly attacked by red spiders. The withered leaves which affect the appearance of plants make them difficult to sell. Nevertheless, after seeing this situation, his capable helper sprayed Super Margosa on plants affected continuously for two days. In the end, red spiders were conquered.

Besides, Mr. Lim also noticed that those new leaves grown later are not attack by red spiders anymore due to their long-term maintenance work. In the results, staff are even more confident to introduce this product to customers.

Expert: Mr. Choong, Fook Choon Trading

During the interview, Mr. Choong shared with us that one of his of staff’s fingernail appeared blue after prolonged exposure to chemical pesticides. (This is very likely to be a residues of pesticides after prolonged usage which still remains in the body, and present on nail as time goes on). However, now with harmless and environmentally friendly Super Margosa, this staff can spray with a peace of mind.

Mr. Choong said that regardless of big plants or potted plants, as long as with regular spraying, pest problems can be overcome. The most commonly seen pest problems that had happened before this, such as the red spider on Adenium plants, white fly, as well as scales insects on Podocarpus were overcome entirely. Besides, now they don’t have to allocate a special spot to place those affected plants anymore.

Expert: Mr. Tee, Seng Huat Nursery

After using Baba Tenen 50X, Mr. Tee would come to see the passion fruit tree everyday just to find out whether the plant has blossom. These incidents revealed that how hopeful he was, that the fertilizer would work on his passion fruit tree as the mango and bearing big fruit in later. All his hard work had paid off after three weeks of fertilizing; the four months old passion tree had finally starting to bloom. And the most awesome part is that the tree blooms in a great number.

Expert: Mr. Pang, Fern & Fung Nursery

After a month of usage, Mr. Pang found out that roots of the plants had grow significantly longer and bigger (stronger). Seedlings grow up and produce blossom now which are able to last for up to two weeks.


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