Plants’ need energy from sunlight for photosynthesis in order to absorb nutrients.  Without sunlight plants will starve, stop growing and wilt.  Therefore we should rotate the location of indoor  and outdoor plants from time to time in order to make them grow healthily .

Tenen 20X adopt the latest technology which direct provides nutrients to plant without photosynthesis. We can avoid all these troubles and at the same time enable our house plants grow healthily . Baba Tenen 20X can let you easily own your indoor gardening.


  • Ensure lushes green on indoor plant.
  • Promote nutrient absorbance for uniform growth
  • All natural and non-hazardous, safe to be used. 

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Expert: Ms. Samantha Ng, Seedling Bonsai Enthusiast

Ms. Samantha Ng enjoys planting seedling bonsai and is particular about non-chemical pesticides planting. She uses Tenen 20X once every week on her seedling bonsai. She said the benefits of using Tenen 20X is it promotes the seedlings to grow straight, even height and gives lushes green leaves. The results are very satisfying. 

Expert: Venus Tan, Tan Kok Leyong Nursery Sdn. Bhd.

Ever since Baba began to launch and selling Tenen 20X in market, they have been receiving positive feedback from consumers that they love using this product. Until one day when she was decided to try it on my foliage plants, she realized that this product able to extend the life span of the plants. In recent years, she also found out that plants planted in nearby bank, such as UOB Bank and HSBC Bank often faced with the problem of death. However, this situation had resolved after she introduced them to use Baba Tenen 20X. In addition, this introduction action also generated more sales in her garden center as consumers always come back to buy Baba Tenen 20X and plants.

Expert: Mr. Albert Goh, Delima Tani

In the planting process, Mr. Albert Goh spraying Baba Tenen 20X once a week regularly to their plants and he found out that the plants was more durable and fasten the growing rate, which is more than 10 days compare with others plants which are not using the Baba Tenen 20X. With repeated of use of Baba 20X into plant, they are not harm any part of the plant.


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