Authentic Sennheiser HD448 Audiophile Headphone Black


Sennheiser is a German company represented in the United States by the wholly-owned subsidiary, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation. They are known for making high-quality professional and personal audio equipment, including microphones, assisted listening devices, communication headsets and stereo headphones.

The stereo headphones weigh only seven ounces and are comfortable to wear. The closed-back design offers some is& 111lation and blocks out enough ambient noise that you should not need to turn up the volume to have a pleasant listening experience with these stereo headphones. When we did turn up the volume we found that the sound leaked out and could be heard by those around us.

The HD 448 headphones have a frequency response of 16 Hz to 24 kHz. This means that they are capable of reproducing t nes that are too low and too high for the human ear to hear. Some songs use subsonic and supersonic tones to add more presence and warmth to the bass, and to add more clarity to the treble. Even though you can’t hear these tones, you might be able to notice a difference if you use headphones that can’t reproduce them.

The lightweight design and comfort of these stereo headphone& 115 make them suitable for wearing them on the road or on public transit – if you don’t mind how you look while wearing big, full-size headphones in public. The sound is balanced and well suited for classical, jazz and acoustic music. They also perform very well when driven by portable devices. The Sennheiser HD 448 are excellent headphones in the under $100 price range, but be s re to read our other reviews to find the pair that is best for you.



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