Product name Atap Coffeebag - Icy Blend
Made in Malaysia
Ingredient 100% coffee
(roasted, no preservatives/sugar/additives)
Shelf life 2 years
Description Medium-bodied, floral, citrusy, chocolaty and smooth
10g x 10 coffeebags




  • Prized quality Atap Coffeebags epitomise the finest quality that the Bornean coffee society has to offer. Each Coffeebag contains only 100% premium ground coffee, nothing else.
  • Addictive flavours  Our master roaster painstakingly perfects our roasting methods and recipes, ensuring consistent exceptional flavours.
  • Innovative drinking Each high-grade filter bag packs 10 grams’ ground coffee sourced from top regions worldwide. The outer package adopts a resealable zip-closure, sealing the freshness, and marrying quality with convenience.
  • Format
    ‘Coffeebag’: 100% ground coffee in individual filter bags.
  • Beans
    We source quality beans from top regions worldwide, e.g.,  Brazilian Arabica beans and Javanese Robusta beans.
  • Roasting
    -Best facilities: Probat rosting machines (German) and Ditting grinders (Swiss) deliver exceptional performance.
    -Top conditions: Atap-approved beans arrive at our roasting facilities within 3 months after harvesting.
  • Bornean coffee heritage
    The Atap Coffeebag concept draws from a long-forgotten Bornean coffee-making technique: brewing ground coffee in a muslin satchel to achieve intense brews and strong flavours.



Product Details


The name Atap derives from Atap Street, the bustling trade hub of the Bornean Chinese community for nearly 200 years. The Bornean coffee society is famed for its long tradition of coffee roasting and sensory indulgence.

While the Bornean palate is uniquely robust, the Bornean brewing methods have been ingeniously diverse.  We’re proud to revive the clever brewing method of the ‘coffee bag’.

Atap is: born in Borneo, crafted for pleasure, unapologetically convenient.

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