Pest control is a nasty business for your house, especially when most methods include putting poison or installing equipment in your home which could be hazardous for your children. Keep things simple but just as effective with Riddex Plus Digital Pest Repeller

Riddex Plus Digital Pest Repeller turns the wiring in the walls into an invisible pest repelling force  

Drives away pests using ultrasonic sound waves

Does not kill the pests so there will be no need to clean up dead pests

Ideal for home and office use

Works on rodents, cockroaches and spiders

Works behind walls and ceilings, under floors 

Completely safe for children and pets (not including rodent types)

Helps to control unwanted pests effectively in few days to 2 weeks time

Dimension: 10*6 cm

Power supply: 220V outlet (european plug std)

Safe to use, no harmful chemicals

Built in nightlight 




Non-toxic, no chemical & no poison

Designed to work through electrical wiring

Patented repelling technology

Gets rid of rats, mice & roaches effectively

Effective up to 2000 square feet

Built in night light

Household / residential use only

Result can be seen in 2-3 weeks



Not suitable for household rodent pets such as gerbil and hamsters

Save thousands of dollars on pest control! A single Riddex Plus unit covers an entire level of a typical home. And, it's safe for children, pets, and electronics. Laboratory tests have proven that Riddex Plus REALLY WORKS!       


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