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集合了苹果醋和蜜糖而成的混合蜜,包含了苹果醋和蜜糖的功效,可以改善人体的健康. 主要的功效排毒,抗衰老 ,瘦身养颜, 降低胆固醇,帮助肠胃蠕动,口臭问题, 净化血液, 分解脂肪,帮助减重,体内排毒,改善便秘,养生益寿。
-保养肝藏, 润肺止咳, 改善便秘, 消除疲劳,增强体力,改善贫血,调节血糖浓度, 修复肝脏细胞,解酒后 头痛, 钙吸收,美容养颜,养生益寿。

-Is has a favorable effect on asthma, bronchitis, allergies, combat headache & high blood pressure.�
-It helps to improve our digestive system & give the skin smoothness &: tenderness, clears skin disorders, fastens the healing of wounds & brings to normal gastric juice acidity.

membantu melegakan selsema, melancarkan penghadaman, memberi tenaga, membuang angin dalam badan, melancarkan sistem pundi kencing & perut juga boleh menghilangkan jeragat pada kulit. Membuang toksin, boleh mengurangkan berat badan & mencegah masalah sembelit. Memberi kita antibiotik semulajadi, mengurangkan letih, sakit sendi/otot, memberi tenaga.

Product Details

Apple Vinegar Honey is made of natural honey and the formula for making top grade vinegar is brewed through a special process. Vinegar is excellent for health. It may be drunk as a cold or warm drink after meals.

Drinking apple vinegar has multiple advantages. It balances your inside cosmos. It will supplement you with rich vitamins, fruit acid and many more minerals. It will also provide you with energy. This finely brewed honey vinegar has the flavor of mother nature and each drop is an essence for beautician.


- Maintain health, protect sin & body system.

- Help digesting system & prevent constitation problem. - Prevent mouth problem (Halitosis).

- Reduce body weight & burn fat effectively.

- Help to increase stamina.

- Help to prevent joint & muscle problem.。





- 保持健康,保护罪及身体系统。

- 帮助消化系统和防止便秘的问题。 - 防止口腔问题(口臭)。

- 减少体重及有效燃烧脂肪。

- 有助于提高耐力。

- 帮助防止关节肌肉及问题..

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