Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions have historically been considered the "platinum standard" in contact lens care. However, some contact lens wearers moved from peroxide systems in favor of the more convenient one-bottle multi-purpose solutions. Today, AOSept® Plus combines the unsurpassed cleaning and disinfecting of a hydrogen peroxide-based solution with the convenience of a one-bottle system. 


AOSept® Plus contains hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect contact lenses, as well as a built-in cleaner. AOSept® Plus provides additional triple-action cleaning power:

  • Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the lens to provide deep cleaning.
  • Mechanical forces caused by the bubbling remove surface protein


Direction for Use • Wash your hands and dry them with a clean towel. • Open the basket marked ''L'' , place your left lens on the dome. Close basket taking care to avoid trapping your lense. Repeat procedure with your right lens placing it on the dome of the other basket marked ''R''. • Thoroughly rinses the lenses in the baskets with Aosept Plus for 5 seconds. • Fill the cup with Aosept Plus solution to the fill line. Do not uderfill or overfill. • Place lens holder in the cup and screw closed. • Shaking is not necessary. • Store case upright.
Ingredients Presevatives Free, Aqueous Solution cointaining Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, Phosphonic Acid (stabiliser), Sodium Chloride, Phosphate (Buffer System), Poloxamer(Surftant)
Contra Indication Not Available
Caution Do not use if you are sensitive to any ingredients, never use Aosept Plus for heat disinfection. Never put unneutralised Aosept Plus solution directly into the eye. Only use the enclosed lens case. Do not use any other lens case. Never transfer Aosept Plus to another container. Always ensure that your lenses are correctly neutralised prior to insertion. Unneutralised Aosept Plus solutin is highly effective disinfectant which will cause a burning sensation if allowed to make contact with the eye. If you accidentally inserrt an unneutralisd lens. Remove it immediately and rinse the open eye with plenty of sterile wate or saline. Redisinfect your lenses before reinserting it.



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