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1. Block Formaldehyde
2. Block Toluene
3. Block Air-Pollution Particles.
4. Block Bacteria in the Air.
5. Block Foul Smell
6. Block VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
7. Block Cigarette & Smoke Smell.

  • CB-100 Antibacteria fabric is using Hightech Post-Processing Method. Patented covalent bonding provides a long-term anti-bacterial effects.
  • Filtration efficacy is tested. Block fine dust particles at ease, prevent bacteria penetration without compromising on comfort of wear; thus, proper ventilation preserved on wearing.
  • Anti-bacterial tests conducted by ITRI meeting US AATCC147 standard testing method. 99% successful blocking rate on Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus Pneumonias which are the main causes of lung diseases.
  • Safety and skin sensitivity tests approved, confirmed and meeting the highest standards of requirement set by SGS and FDA.

第一层: 为疏水性之不织布,可防止水分之附着,一般空气中之细菌及病毒,均需附着在水分、灰尘、黏液上,方能浮游空气中 造成感染致病。
第二层: 利用工研院特殊技术30倍于市面吸附能力之活性炭及高科技结构设计,可吸附空气            中之挥发性有机溶剂(如甲醛、甲苯...等环境荷尔蒙)及化合物与臭味。
第三层: 利用半导体之溅镀技术加上结构设计,可以破坏细菌之细胞壁及过滤空气之粉底。
第四层: 为亲水性不织布,接触嘴部非常舒适。

1st layer: non-woven materials of hydrophobic and also could prevent the adhesion of water; generally bacteria and viruses are required to adhere to the moisture, dust, mucus, then can only float in the air to cause infection and disease.
2nd layer: ITRI high-tech designed Activated Carbon with adsorption capacity 30 times more power than whatever market could find, also can adsorb volatile organic solvents in the air (such as formaldehyde, toluene ... and other environmental hormones), chemical compounds and smelly odour.
3rd layer: using semiconductors sputter coating technology combined with the structural design, this layer can destroy bacteria cell walls and air filtrated particles.
4th layer: Hydrophilic non-woven materials, very comfortable with mouth contact.

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