Sabu-Sabu Anti-Stretch Mark & Scar Care Lotion

Unsightly scars from past abrasions, acne, surgeries, and other skin-damaging events can make almost anyone feel self-conscious. Luckily, advances in cosmetic creams and gels bring new hope to women and men with facial and bodily scarring. 
The best and most effective scar care lotion will providing non-chemical hydration to the scar area, while speeding up cell turnover. This turnover brings old, damaged, scarred tissue to the surface, so it can be sloughed off. The process should leave new, healthier skin, with little to no sign of the previous scar.  
Typically, users see significant results after by using the Sabu Sabu Anti Stretch Mark & Scar Care Lotion cream after a wound heals. 
Stretch marks are a common problem faced by both men and women. They can appear post weight loss/gain and are often suffered by women post pregnancy.  
Some skin types are more susceptible to stretch marks than others and for some patients the marks can be quite noticeable as raised white or red lines found on the arms, stomach, thighs or breast area. They can be quite unsightly causing the person not to be able to wear revealing clothes or swimwear. 
Many of us also have a scar that we would like to reduce the appearance of which are a result of an operation, acne, skin grafting or from an injury to the skin. 
Sabu-Sabu Anti Stretch Mark & Scar Care Lotion plays a role on preventing this happens, apply during pregnancy can help to avoid stretch marks.
Ingredients : Aqua, Rice Bran Oil, Evening Primose Oil, Jojoba, Wheat Germ Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Glycerin USP, Allantoin, Emulsifying Wax, Vitamin C, Vitamin E Tocopherols, Essential Oils, Potassium Sorbate.
Usage : Apply to stretch marks and/or scars at least twice daily after cleansing. Apply during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.

Product Details

  • Sabu-Sabu Anti-Stretch Mark & Scar Care Lotion 150ml
  • Fade scar, whether old or new
  • Soften scarred skin
  • Restore an even and flush complexion to the skin 
  • Hydrate and nourish problem areas

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