This product is soft, durable, and strong water absorbent.



Effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, eliminate bacteria proliferation, and prevent odour smell, stickiness and cross-infection, so that you can use it with peace of mind.






Product Details

Professional Testing:

1. Antibacterial agent passed USA Consumer Safety Association (CPSC) on highest level of skin allergy safety.

2. Through ITRI using USA AATCC147 professional testing, achieved high level of antibacterial rate.



Use as rag, small square towels, handkerchiefs, hand towels, tea towels, car rag, cup drying towel ...



34cm x 35cm x 40g ±3%



100% High quality pure cotton.



1. Antibacterial agent being treated on fabrics, post-processing mode, is a chemical bonding, for long-term effectiveness. 

2. Dark cotton fabric, after soak with warm water, colour will slightly faded and some fine particles may be released, is a normal phenomenon, this condition will gradually disappear after few times of use. 

3. Please wash it separately from other fabrics; if need to use washing machine to wash, please use the laundry bag, do not use bleach, cold wash fine and other strong acid (alkaline) detergent, to avoid structural damage of fibre.

4. Pure cotton towel series, is of short weaving type, long term exposure to water is not recommended, ventilated the towel to dry, can prolong the usage of the product. 

5. Pure cotton long weaving method, please feel free to trim the nails to avoid hook yarn, use gentle mode with washing machine, could make fabrics terry soft and comfortable.



1. 抗菌剂通过美国消费者安全协会(CPSC)最高皮肤敏感安全性测试。

2. 经工研院以美国AATCC147专业检测,具极高之抗菌率。





规格:34cm x 35cm x 40g ±3%

材质:100% 高质纯棉。


1. 本产品之抗菌导入方式,为后处理模式,属化学键结,长效性。

2. 深色棉织物,经温热水浸泡后,会稍微褪色并有些许微粒,乃属正常现象,情况将随着使用后而逐渐消失。

3. 洗涤时,请单独洗,若使用洗衣机洗涤时,请使用洗衣袋,无使用漂白剂、冷洗精及其他强酸(碱)的洗剂,以免破坏纤维结构。

4. 毛巾系列为纯棉织品,属短织,无长期处于潮湿状态,请于通风处晾干,可增长使用期。

5. 毛巾系列为长毛织法,请随时修剪指甲避免勾纱,洗衣机清洗时请用柔洗,可使毛圈柔软舒。

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