As a beauty secret since old times, Peony has always been tremendously popular among beauty lovers. As written in the ancient Compendium of Materia Medic, “It can be evaporated to extract oil, to be used as facial and hair&# 2moisturiser, to promote hair growth, as well as moisturise and produce a scent on the skin”, the exclusive hair care range of Anmyna extracts the natural essence of peony, is therefore rich in various hair care ingredients of the peonBlended with silk protein, it is combined with the effects to produce de-ionized, smooth, gl #111ssy hair, it gives in-depth double moiturising and protection to hair and scalp, penetrates and moisturise scalp and hair, supplements the nutrients needed by scalp and hair. It also penetrates deeply into the hair, to repair damaged hair, tames unwanted frizz, giving smooth, tangle-free and flowing hair all day. It is indeed a top choice among beauty lovers!


芍药自古以来就是美å®⊃1;圣品,深&arin 3;—爱美人士的喜爱,
本草çº⊃2;目记载“以其蒸æ⊃2;⊃1;取æ¶⊃2;ï¼Œå #154;面脂头可æ⊃3;½ï¼Œå¯é•¿å‘润
燥香肌”,安ç±⊃3;娜专属洗护产 品,从天然的芍药ç⊃2;¾åŽä¸­èƒå–,蕴含芍
药ç⊃2;¾åŽå¤šè‚½æŠ¤&arin #103;…»æˆåˆ†ã€‚

Anmyna no silicone oil shampoo on the scalp is very Nice , It can :

  •  nourish Oil
  • sensitive scalp, scalp oil love and pregnant women can feel at ease to use


 ä¿®å&c& 117rren;ç‡™æŸ“受損的髮è⊃3;ª 

  • O添加劑 
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