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Depression? Mania? Panic disorder? Hair loss?

With bamboo salt while drinking your Anggun Pesona can solve your problem!

- To smooth the function of menstruation.
- To prevent from bad smell.
- To heal womb after pregnancy.
- Elimination of female organ disease.
- Irregular Menstruation prevent the situation.
- Stimulate tired of female desire.
- Palliative joint pain problems.
- Increase the success rate of pregnancy.
- Firms chest.


  • 调理经期。
  • 去除女性私处之异味。
  • 解决经痛与白带问题。
  • 消除阴道灼热和骚痒问题。
  • 可收紧胸部,减轻下坠问题。
  • 平衡女性贺尔蒙,常保青春美丽。
  • 使女性生理机能正常,提高受孕机率。
  • 纾解手,脚与关节之酸痛或麻痹症状。
  • 滋润阴道,并增强舒张,收缩和紧贴的感觉。
  • 对于时常感觉疲劳之女性,使其生活水乳交融。

服用方法 : 早上空腹喝一小杯 ( 10ml )

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