The most effective use of the best eyelash growth medium


Without false eyelashes without grafting it can also have very beautiful natural long eyelashes



Bimatoprost; inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, sodium chlo 

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Eyelash growth medium to use:

1.Like the lash line as droplets on the eyelash brush, painted in the roots of the lashes. Remember (as long as the brush a little bit moist, but do not have drops, drop state)

2. Just use the first week is recommended only painted once in the evening, and other eye to adapt and then sooner or later each time!

3. Try not to rub the lower eyelashes 


1. promote blood circulation circulation readily eyes were red .

2. when the lower eyelid skin is thin, mascara effect, because so many did not like the eyelashes eyelash protection easier .

3. unconscious into the eyes, easy to stay in lead to the end of eye end of eye long hair. Mascara used on eyelashes, will wink to the lower lashes the same role)

4. Do not rub the inner liner, outer liner wipe position (inner liner easily rubbed into the unconscious circumstances cause redness )

5. When using mascara,Be sure to note the amount of no more Also not painted into the eyes, so the next day the eye may be a bit red, but that's okay, the next note under it, oh!
Before use, be sure to take a photo before mascara useless Oh (rear camera + flash shot very clear) lashes after contrast so easy!


How long Mascara effective?

Painted a bottle every night, then you can use almost two months or so, sooner or later painted once, you can use about one and a half!

Usually about a month effective, fast absorption of people, two weeks to be effective it! Bottle runs out basic will bear fruit, rarely bear fruit! ! 2 bottles run better!


Component mascara?

Active ingredient: bimatoprost; inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, dibasic acid, citric acid and water.

Bimatoprost is a structure similar to the prostaglandin compound is active amino acid protein. [PROSTAGLANDINF2ALPHA (PGF2A)] derivative extracted from the fatty acids, prostaglandins can be used to combine a receiver, these receivers distributed in the hair and hair follicle development and growth related.

Mascara effect of stimulating hair follicles from the dormant hair follicles into growth extend the growing season, and to promote the growth of eyelashes, eyelash loss reduction.


To improve inadequate or not enough eyelashes number of problems for eyelash growth cycle inject more vitality, and to extend the period of growth of eyelashes growth increasing the number of newborn eyelashes, so that they become more warped longer, more dense, more black!

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