Aloe Booster Jelly Mask (Booster Sleeping Mask)

Containing natural nourishing ingredients, Aloe Booster Jelly Mask effectively soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin. It also works as an anti oxidant, anti inflammatory herb to regulate, comfort, and repair the skin. In addition, it strengthens skin immunity.





Main Ingredients 主要成分功能


ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE – It’s effectively soothing the skin, remove dead skin and soften the skin; can enhance moisture and in a same time preventing oxidation, anti-bacteria, with the function of the skin conditioning; also anti-inflammatory, soothing, strengthen the immune system, such as multiple natural repair effect.






Lipidure®  - It is a form of human cell membrane "phospholipid" as a template developed, an excellent biocompatibility material. It can be combined with about 2,000 molecules, forming a layer of moist and it is 2 times water locked then hyaluronic acid, it is a great moisturizing effect for dry and keratinocyte skin. As of to date, it is widely used in various fields of medicine, cosmetics, artificial organs and others aspect.


●Lipidure® 保濕因子:Lipidure®是以構成人體細胞膜的「磷脂質」為範本所開發,生物相容性極佳的物質。它可以結合約2,000個分子,形成一層鎖水性佳且極具潤澤的薄膜,其保濕鎖水力是玻尿酸的約2倍,可以帶給乾燥肌膚及角質化的肌膚絕佳的潤澤效果。目前被廣泛活用於醫藥品、化妝品、人工臟器等各種不同的領域。


ACETYL TETRAPEPTIDE-9 – As a role of collagen fibers, it helps to reorganize dermal collagen; promote the synthesis of light proteoglycan and collagen, improve skin firmness, structure, and plumper skin. It is also prevent skin aging.




Babassu Oil - Babassu oil fruits originally from the Brazilian rainforest. It’s structure is similar to coconut oil, it has the same characteristics of coconut oil but not greasy. It is highly moisturizing and nourishing. It brings soft, smooth skin feel.




GALACTOARABINAN - Taken from the North American pine tree, natural ingredients and mild, without stimulation. It can reduce transdermal water loss (TEWL), provides long-lasting moisture; it can reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles on skin surface.




Algae Hyaluronic Acid - Combined with the Irish seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid biopolymers humectant. This high biocompatibility has a good power of moisturizing; as well to enhance the skin water retention capacity, bring elasticity, moisture, and silky skin feel.




Panthenol – It plays an important role in the metabolic reactions in the body. It helps our skincare products penetrate easily, also the functions of anti-inflammatory and repair damaged skin.




Charcoal – Best chosen of natural bamboo, through a special process made of superfine grade charcoal powder. Efficiently clean deep pores dirt and oily face; it makes your face fresh and glow.





Application Method 使用方法:


(Night time care) After the last step of the routine skin care, simple apply a thin layer of M2 Booster Jelly Mask on the face. it not only helps absorbing the essence, and the nutrients, but also lock the moisture of the skin all night long.

(Day time care) to keep the moist for the entire day, apply a thick layer of M2 Booster Jelly Mask on the face. Wash the mask off after 15 minutes.

- (晚上使用)    每晚做完臉部保養的最後一道程序後,再塗上薄薄的媚魅修復凍膜,不僅能幫助肌膚更容易吸收精華液與營養成份,也能讓肌膚整晚處於鎖水保濕的狀態。




Certified Organic Ingredients 有機成分認證:



Product Origins / 產品原產地 :  Taiwan / 台灣


*Suitable for all skin type*


- Stop using if skin irritation appears. Store in cool, dry place

- 若有過敏膚質,使用後有不適感立即停止使用。



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