The PowerCube Remote Extended adds an on/off functionality to the PowerCube, allowing you to switch the whole PowerCube on or off with the press of a button. Its cable enables you to mount the PowerCube Remote Extended anywhere convenient, like e.g. beneath your desk or nightstand. Besides this the PowerCube Remote Extended is also compatible with the PowerRemote and any other PowerCube models.

If they have an ON/OFF switch to cut standby power usage, most often these are located on the power strip itself. This is not a good solution, as the power strip is often tucked away behind furniture, making it hard to reach. Existing remote-controlled power sockets on the market do not offer a convenient solution, as the remote gets lost or the batteries run out.

PowerCube Extended |Remote|

▪︎ Integrated ON/OFF button
▪︎ Can be controlled by PowerRemote from a distance
▪︎ Can be paired with multiple PowerRemotes
▪︎ Hands-free use: the one big “Step-On” button on the PowerRemote can be pressed by foot
▪︎ Attach the PowerRemote to any flat surface that is easy to find and reach with its reusable “Sticky-Pad”
▪︎ Provides four additional outlets, and can expand to even more when combined with PowerCube |Original| versions
▪︎ Prevents plugs from blocking each other, due to its cubic shape
▪︎ With its unique docking system, it can be mounted on the wall, top of your desk, or underneath it, creating a tailored power source within reach
▪︎ Compact design

PowerRemote does not use any batteries

Product Details

A single button

Our products are meant to make your life more efficient and less complicated and should take no more than a glance to figure out how to use. The PowerCube |Remote| lives up to this standard with its single On/Off button to power your devices on and off.

Press by foot

If both hands are occupied, you can just as easily use your foot to press the big step-on button to control your devices.


What’s better than a remote with batteries? A remote without batteries. The PowerRemote gives you one less thing to buy from the supply store and keeps things green at the same time.

One-to-many and many-to-one

To pair the PowerCube |Remote| with different PowerRemotes and vice versa, simply press and hold the button PowerCube for five seconds and it will pair to the next PowerRemote that is clicked.

Double click

If, for any reason, the synchronization is lost, pressing the button twice will switch all connected devices on and off again.

Sticky-pad on the PowerRemote

Similar to our mounting docks, the PowerRemote can attach to any smooth surface without leaving any residue when removed. Simply wipe the sticky pad with a wet napkin and let it regain its stickiness to move elsewhere.


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