Since time immemorial human beings as well as animals, knew the medicinal value of green plants. They would seek medical cure if, and when they were sick or unwell by eating certain green leaves. What was unknown to them or perhaps perplexed them that the green leaves they took, containedd cholorophyll which in Greek meaning 'green leaf'.

B.P. Marketing Cholorophyll obtains its cholorophyll from fresh Alfalfa leaves. Alfalfa is known to be very rich in cholorophyll, at least 4 times higher than ordinary vegetables. No wonder when the Arabs of Persia first discovered the plant centuries ago, called it "Father of All Foods"

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Alfalfa has a very deep root, as much as 30 feet into the soil, as such the plant can absorb the earth trace minerals such as : selenium, silicon, tin, zinc and minerals like : potassium, phorphorus, copper, cobalt, calcium , manganese, magnesium and iron as well as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fibrin and a small amount of fats. It also contains 8 essential amino acids.

Alfalfa is just the most alkaline plant known on earth. The alkalinity helps to neutralise the toxic-acid in the body.

The protein content in alfalfa is 18.9% as compared to beef 16.5%, milk 3.3% and eggs 13.1%. Calcium in alfalfa is 14 times more than that in wheat germ and 144 times that in liver.

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