A formula dated back to 1876, and handed down from Mr. Henry Alabaster, is truly a miraculous remedy for all sorts of flesh wounds and minor skin irritations. No home should be without this ointment.
Henry Alabaster, also known as Henry of Siam made numerous contributions to Thailand while serving under H.M. King Rama V. Books written about Henry can be found at The National Museum in Bangkok; and books written by Henry can still be found at reputable bookstores worldwide. In 1997, Nan Kenyon, a member of the Alabaster Family, was kind enough to send me a box filled with letters, documents and photographs which belonged to Henry for the purpose of safe-keeping for generations to come. Among these treasures was a small white envelope, sealed, and marked Confidential. In that envelope, his inheritor discovered a formula for an Ointment dated 1876.
With further research, his inheritor found this Ointment never went beyond its conception and testing stages and was never marketed prior to Henry’s passing. They locked this precious formula away for ten years, until May of 2007 by pure coincidence, they came across an Alabaster Mortar in an antique store. They tried the Ointment on family, friends, pets and myself! The results were astounding: wounds ranging from scrapes, cuts, sores, burns, boils and infections healed in no time. As Henry’s great-grandchild his inheritor know that this is his legacy to them, transmitted through the generations – that it is their obligation to produce it.
Henry Alabaster (Savetasila)
22 May 1836 - 8 August 1884
“This Ointment is antiseptic, balsamic, deodorizing, disinfectant, and eminently healing. Boils, carbuncles, burns, scalds, wounds, ulcers, sores, chilblains, piles, itches, psoriasis and skin diseases in general are rapidly cured by it. Chapped hands should merely be lightly smeared with the Ointment. To sores and wounds & el, it is best applied on lint or clean soft rag.”

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Carbolic Acid, Camphor, Zinc Oxide, Essential Oil.
Usage : Apply on areas that requires treatment. Repeat daily until condition improves.

Product Details

  • Healing fresh wounds, burns and boils
  • Organic & secret recipe ingredient
  • Efficient on healing the wounds
  • External Use only

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