• Honey produced by giant honey bee (apis dorsata).
  • From deep forest of Malay Archipelago.
  • Raw & unprocessed.
  • Non dehumidifier honey.
  • Unpasteurized honey.
  • A well-packed in glass bottle to preserve the freshness of honey.
  • Opening the bottle usually give a 'pop' sound due to natural fermentation gases.
  • Honey analyst based on International Honey Commission.
  • Harvest date is printed to ensure the freshness of our honey.
  • Fresh taste of nature honey.
  • Suitable for honey face mask solution.

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"As natural product, TH has a great potential to serve as antileukemic agents" Antileukemic Effect of Tualang Honey on Acute and Chronic Leukemia Cell Lines (Research Article ) -


Review of the Medicinal Effects of Tualang Honey and a Comparison with Manuka Honey -

natural Tualang Honey al Buruj is a pure unprocessed, non-dehumidifier and unpasteurized honey. It is liquid, dense and measured by weight. The moisture level of Tualang Honey al Buruj is untouched by iron dehumidifier machine.


The dehumidifier machine works by bringing down the moisture level in honey to avoid any natural fermentation process. As a result the texture of honey is concentrated.


That is why our Tualang Honey al Buruj in plastic container always has a common issue, the bottle will getting bigger and could not stands still and as usual opening the bottle will give a 'pop' sound due to natural fermentation gases. It is the reaction in honey itself. Meanwhile for  dehumidifier/pasteurized honey has no issue at all to pack in  clear plastic bottle as there is no fermentation reaction available after being dehumidifier-ed and pasteurized by the machine.


We harvest Tualang Honey al Buruj from deep forest and it is pretty difficult to harvest during haze season. It takes weeks and months for us to seek apis dorsata hive and bring the wild deep forest honey so called Tualang Honey al Buruj to you. The harvest date is printed on the bottle to ensure our customer get the most freshness of our honey. The honey is well packed in glass bottle to preserve the fermentation and of course it is fresh from deep forest of Malay Archipelago.


The Tualang Honey al Buruj is liquid, dense, minimal gases and taste fresh.

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  • Unopened bottle
  • Postage of return bear by customer
  • Upon return full money back guarantee


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