AKWA Long Girdle made by Master AB Antibacteria Fiber and AKWA Fiber. Where Master AB Antibacteria Fiber won the Gold Medal on 16th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland, Year 1988. AKWA Fiber was originally used by Taiwan Defense & National Security.

AKWA Long Girdle is made from two layers of fabric, the inner layer is made by 100% Master AB Antibacteria Fiber, the outter layer is made by 100% AKWA Fiber.

Master AB Antibacterial Fiber Characteristics:

  • Antibacterial, Deodorant, Refreshing, Itch Relief, Anti-Static.
  • Most women will reduce the use of sanitary pads after worn the products made by Master AB Antibacterial Fiber.

AKWA Fiber Characteristics:

  • AKWA Fiber was originally used by Taiwan Defense & National Security, to avoid infrared detection.
  • Good Water Absorption, Ventilate, Refreshing, Comfortable, Antibacterial, Deodorant, Itch Relief, Low in Fabric Shrinkage, Against Pilling Fabric, Anti-Static, Cool.
  • Environmental Friendly (Easy Wash, Quick Dry, Easy Care Fabric, and can reduce the use of water and power supply).


本产品是采用荣获第十六届日内瓦(1988年4月) 国际发明技术展览会金奖之Master AB抗菌纤维及国防高科技产物AKWA纤维制成,经检验,有极佳之抗菌率。

AKWA六分修饰裤是用100% AKWA纤维制成,底布是100% Master AB抗菌纤维制成。

Master AB抗菌纤维的特色

  • 抗菌、防臭、干爽、止痒、抗静电。
  • 多数妇女使用后,可渐渐减少使用卫生护垫,因此被女性视为卫生维护、清洁保养的最佳用品。


  • AKWA技术原本是使用于国防科技产品,避免人造卫星红外线侦测,用于掩体的人造纤维。
  • 吸水性佳、透气、干爽、舒适、抗菌、除臭、止痒、缩水率低、不易起毛毬、抗静电、冬暖夏凉。
  • 环保(易洗、快干、免烫,可减少水和电源的使用)。

Product Details


  • Do not use chlorine bleach or concentrated laundry detergent to wash. Use soap to avoid damage the fiber structure.
  • Hand wash to extend the wear and tear time. If wash by washing machine, put it in the laundry bag to avoid the loss of the fabric resiliency.
  • The actual color with real product shall prevail.



  • 勿使用漂白水或高浓缩洗衣粉,建议只使用肥皂清洗即可,可避免损坏纤维结构。
  • 请尽量使用手洗以延长使用时间,若用洗衣机洗,请装入洗衣袋内,避免纤维拉扯受损。
  • 颜色以实品为准。

T & C

Return Policy


You can only exchange your products with other Master Antibacteria's product. Simply bring/mail your item(s) to us with all contents and packaging, proof of purchase. Product cannot request to exchange after wash or after used.


Terms and Conditions

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