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Product Description:

Enzymes are protein molecules that catalyze chemical reactions of other substances without themselves being destroyed or altered upon completion of the reactions. They are found in all living cells and are essential to lives. They digest food and convert them into food energy and essential nutrients for the vital functioning of the metabolism and total well-being.

Enzyme is also derived from the healthy food we eat but isn’t nutriment itself. However, it transforms useful agents to manufacture all the molecular components of the body and eliminates the harmful substances from the body by the process of synthesizing, decomposing and cleansing. Fundamentally the chemical reaction takes place at the cellular level called metabolism. Metabolism is necessary for growth, maintenance of life and the performance of biological functions. 

Enzymes are involved in all metabolic activities, if the enzymes in our body are not functioning properly, the entire body metabolism is disrupted therefore our body will feel weak and lethargic. This is because the YIN and YANG components in our body is imbalance. Hence, enzymes are an essential part of living things, just like hormones and genes are.






Product Details

Product Features:

The main features of Akatsuki Enzyme are:

  1. Purification of Blood & Detoxification
  2. Normalization and Activation of fundamental metabolism
  3. Normalization of bacteria inside the intestines
  4. Normalization of the hormone balance & supply trace nutrients
  5. Strengthening of natural recovery and vitality


Akatsuki Enzyme helps to improve the following conditions:

  1. Gastroenteritis (digestive) disorder and Liver Disease
  2. Hypertension & Hypo-tension (high&low blood preassure)
  3. Neuralgia (headache, muscle stiffness, back & neck-ache)
  4. Constipation (poor bowel movement- too much oily and spicy food)
  5. Irregular menstruation (stomach cramp) ; Cold, Asthma, Burn
  6. Pigmentation problems and poor skin complexion & Premature aging
  7. Dry & Sore Throat (smoker) & Thick Head (alcoholic intoxication, hangover)
  8. Rheumatism, Overweight, Bedshore, Athlete’s foot and etc.












Storage Method: 1) Keep refrigerated after opening. Store in cool place. Please consume as soon as possible.

                          2) Avoid direct sunlight, shaking vigorously, and storing the bottle tilted or lying down.


Note: 1) Diabetics can consume enzyme but with mixture of more water.

         2) Adults and children are free to drink enzyme.


保存方法: 1) 开瓶后请放入冰箱内保存, 请存放在阴凉处, 并请尽速饮用完毕。

                  2) 勿让日光直射, 请勿剧烈震动瓶身或倾倒平放。 


注意事项: 1)糖尿病者可以饮用但是要多喝水。


T & C

Return Policy:

- We will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible within 5 – 7 workings day. But if out of stocks upon your purchased, we will contact you personally to confirm a new delivery date.

- We are giving a free of charge (FOC) on delivery service.

- We are accepting the return of goods within 5 days from the received of the goods if

  1. Incorrect goods
  2. Expired goods
  3. Defect goods

- The return goods have to be in its original condition and all the returning costs from your side to our company is bear by the purchaser.

- The charges of re-delivery the replacement goods to purchaser are bear by our company.   

- Any shipment and delivery issues, please contact or emai l us immediately at

                Tel: 03- 7806 3708,

                HP: 012-232 9578

                Email: (MR IVAN)



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