Oil-free cooking for healthy life




Less Oil & Fat


No oil is needed during baking and cooking process. Aimox Smart Air Fryer’s heat waves direct penetrate into meat . It effectively drives out fats and reduces grease within food thus cholesterol in meat will be reducing to minimum.

炸薯条,烘烤肉类过程中您无需添加任何食用油。AIMOX 智能空气烘炸锅透过高温透射直接令食物内的脂肪加速沸腾有效率的逼使油脂排放达到降脂效果,更可锁住营养与食物鲜味,让你吃的更健康。



No Mess


With the Aimox Smart Air Fryer, you will be enjoy cooking experience with no more open-flame or greasy smoke in your kitchen! You could even cook and serve your food on dinning table with no mess.

Aimox 智能空气烘炸锅烹煮时不会产生油烟也无需火焰让你烹煮更安全。你甚至可以在餐桌直接享用无烟烹煮的乐趣。


Energy Efficient


Aimox air fryer come with powerful heating element with the Twist Air high efficient internal hot air ventilation system with lesser cooking time you could enjoy your favorite foods.

Aimox智能空气烘炸锅配置高效率发热管配搭Twist Air热力旋转传递系统加速热力传递缩短你的烹煮时间。 让你享受美食同时节能环保。



Multi Cooker


Aimox air fryer not just great for frying, the innovative Twist Air technology also let you grill, bake and even roast your favorite foods for one stop solution for all your meals.

Aimox 智能空气烘炸锅除了油炸,创新的Twist Air 热力旋转传递技术也让你能烤肉,烘焙,烘烤任何你喜爱的食物得心应手。



Easy To Clean


The removable drawer and food basket are safe and easy cleaning. Aimox Smart Air Fryer with Twist Air technology saves your home from smell of fryed oil compared to a regular fryer.

烘烤抽屉与烘烤网能完全取出只需普通清洁剂就能轻易清洗干净。 Aimox 智能空气烘炸锅不像普通烘烤炉产生大量油烟让你完成烹煮同时不必头痛善后厨房清洗。


Fully Digital


Aimox Smart Air Fryer come with digital control panel providing more precious setting for timer and temperature.

Aimox 智能空气烘炸锅采用数码电子控制让你更精准控制时间与火力温度控制。

Product Details

Cooking Time – 0 – 60 Min

Power – 1400W

Wide Temperature - 60ºC-200ºC

Preset Menu – Fried, Fish, Bake, Chicken

Fully Digital Control Panel

2.5L Cooking Capacity

Build with Twist Air Technology 

T & C

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If my product is within warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?
If your product is within warranty duration and is damaged due to manufacturer defect, you don't have to worry about the repairing cost. We will cover it. However, courier fee will be covered by the customer. If your product is damage due to commercial use, misuse or not accordance to our instruction manual the repairing and parts cost shall be born by you, while our service center will quote you before conducting repair.


If my product is out of warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?
If your product is out of warranty duration, you will be responsible for repairing cost. 
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