More than mere tea, Royal Joy Herbal Tea will helping you adjust your physiological functions and promote metabolic activities.

★ Modern Philosophy of Health Care
★ Enhances vitality
★ Adjusts physiological functions
★ Enhances metabolic activity
★ Helps internal body cleansing
★ Maintains your beauty
★ Boosts energy level


Ingredients: Cogongrass rhizome, Roselle, Chrysanthemum, Grape seed extract, Lemon extract, Dandelion, Honeysuckle, Mountain tea

Direction of use: mix with 300-500 c.c. of warm water.

Store in a dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Product Details

The modern philosophy of health care concerns more than adequate nutrient intake; greater emphasis is placed on clearing body wastes and facilitating the functions of the digestive system.

The digestive system is the source of various health problems, and poor defecation is extremely detrimental to one’s health. The maintenance of normal digestion and defecation means normal functioning of the whole body. The body’s health is based on a balanced diet, while the daily accumulation of health capital will lead to a carefree life!

Royal Joy Herbal Tea has won GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification and has the MIT (Made in Taiwan) mark. Containing herbal ingredients such as grape seed extract, roselle, chrysanthemum, cogongrass root, honeysuckle, dandelion and lemon extract, this drink is the best supplement for promoting metabolic activities and regulating the physique. The herbal drink without artificial additives is suitable for office workers and seniors; it will satisfy their health care requirements. The product contains herbal essence that promotes digestion, regulates the physique, sustains health, helps cleanse the body and relieves thirst. This natural healthy drink is the best choice for daily consumption.

The GMP- and MIT-certified quality product ensures safe consumption. Each pack can make a mug-full of drink, which is easy to carry around. Every single pack is stamped with a validity date. AIFYA is detail-oriented and insists on high quality, so that you can drink the safe product to gain a healthy, carefree life!

Precious Royal Joy Herbal Tea comes in a powder form that can be dissolved readily in warm water to exude the lemony aroma. Without a bitter or astringent taste, the product is free of sugar and won’t burden the health. Daily consumption can help regulate the physique, promote metabolic activities, maintain radiant looks, and boost energy and vitality!

Daily consumption can enhance body functions, relieve thirst, reduce inflammation and internal heat, maintain radiant looks, and keep you young and pretty.

The product is suitable for office workers: Having a warm drink every day will warm up your body, promote metabolism and boost your energy.

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