You have to search not to worry about your signal? For the signal is not strong often dropping worry? Super received signal King finally come, let you more stable and stronger signal!

In wireless routing products now, signal intensity is strong enough, has become the focus of attention. Routing product has a detachable type antenna, due to the wide range of uses, signal scalability strong, obviously become mainstream; compared with the traditional special plastic shell body, shell body material is more real, good heat radiating performance, very popular! Foundry EW500 is a specially designed for the family, duplex, villas, office design of super small, high-speed signal quality!

Signal stability, not dropped! Is the best choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, penthouse flats, villas! The 580Mhz high frequency CPU (Taiwan RalinkMT7620a), super 64M large memory, 8M memory, the use of very good stability. The performance of the wireless router, very tough, high-end home preferred!

EW500 for wireless access point products introduced application of indoor wireless coverage, 802.11n standard, working in the 2.4G band, support based on MIMO2x2, the transmission speed can provide the highest 300Mbps, equivalent to 6 times the rate of traditional 802.11b/g/a network access. EW500 uses Telecom RF chip, the power output of up to 500mW (11n), can provide larger wireless coverage and access stability is reliable. EW500 supports PoE power supply, easy construction and installation. Adjustable output power, networking mode to meet customer elastic maximum. EW500 has the advantages of safety, RF and management characteristics of rich, provides different access mode of (802.11b/g/n), in addition to the SOHO, enterprises, hotels, ISP different business requirements and equipment installed scene, EW500 provides abundant operation mode (AP/ universal relay /WISP/ gateway / VPN) etc.. EW500 combined with AF-AC150 wireless controller, can realize unified management, configuration, maintenance, security and access control function, provide excellent data forwarding experience to mobile users. Can flexibly select FIT or FAT operation mode according to the different demand, independent networking or Afoundry wireless controller with high performance wireless mobile networks based on zero configuration. EW500 supports VPN, intelligent IP bandwidth control, ARP protection and attack prevention, rich features, can fully meet the hospital, school, factories and mines, enterprises, hotels and other wireless network demand.

- The 5 antenna high gain enterprise router AF-EW500
- Firmware upgrade failed emergency automatic loading key
- wide working temperature range, strong adaptability to the environment5
- embedded dBi omnidirectional antenna

PPPoE supports automatic dialing, dial in manually
Support based on port VLAN
Support VPN-Passthrough
- Support PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP Internet Access
Support UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing
- Address Reservation
Support NAT and DHCP client & Server
Support link connection test (Ping) and wireless rate test
Support MAC & IP address and URL filter
- a wide range of authentication and encryption standards: WPA2/WPA/AES/TKIP, 802.1x
Multi mode: AP/Gateway/ WISP (CR) /WDS/AP Client
- supporting point to point (PTP) and point to multipoint (PTMP) transmission
Emission power and distance control (ACK Timeout)
Multiple SSID support 8
Data throughput of up to 300Mbps
2T2R, 2.4GHz
- 2 Years Warranty




市场上最强的穿墙路由器在马来西亚开始发售了!! 第一家Afoundry代理正式在马来西亚开始开卖啦!
这一架就是传说中的超级穿墙路由器,不怕你家墙太多还是太大,只要开机一定都收得到,专业级的Router.玩游戏时游戏的 Ping 明显的降低。发送的信号比普通路由器还要强至少10倍,这个数字绝对不是开玩笑。五条天线可以指向需要宽带需求量高的电脑。吕制机身,不是便宜塑料,方便散热。

-支持 Torrent或Bt下载,资源增加至少几倍
- 2 年厂家保修

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