AEROTECH Computer-Automatic Mini Washing Machine (Fully Automatic)

This AEROTECH Computer-automatic Mini Washing Machine (Fully Automatic) is specially designed for lady and baby garments. It is portable and lightweight with an easy to use that you could shift it around or store at a convenient place to save space. The washing appliance is capable of washing and spinning up to 2 kilograms of dirty laundry and wet cloth that flaunt energy-saving features using low power consumption and mechanic meditations. Apart from being enveloped with durable and strong plastic shells, cloth cleaners demonstrate portability when used in nomadic lifestyles and road trips. While compact designs permit machines to be kept in calculated corners.


Product Features:

Fully-automatic: input water, washing, rinsing, output water
Space-saving, lightweight and portable
Specially designed for lady & baby garments
Energy-saving with low power consumption
Low noise and smooth operation (Less than 62dB)


Product Details

Volumetric Weight: 14 KG

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