Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine which is based on the theory that energy flows through your body along pathways. Acupuncturists believe that illness occurs when something blocks or unbalances your energy flow.  Now you can simulate the same effects with this Acupuncture Digital Massager!

It's lightweight and easy to use, so you can even use it while relaxing or watching TV!

  • Treating diseases using digital techniques
  • Functions: stroke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, cupping, weight reducing, hypnogenesis, adust BP, immunotherapy
  • Intensity, mode & time displayed clearly on Screen in Chinese & English Language
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Safe to use
  • Good quality
  • english user manual
  • Battery: AAA battery 
  • Voltage: 4.5V
  • Color: Sliver
  • Size: 15.3cm x 7cm x 2.8cm
  • Weight: 90g


Never use the product at the same time with the following therapeutic electronic instruments:
-Internal transplanted instrument, such as artificial heart rate regulator.
-Life maintenance based instrument such as artificial cardiac pacemaker.
-Iapel based instrument such as electrocardiograph.

T & C

Exchange/refund only applicable due to manufacture defect


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