UK Type - 3 Pin Plug ( Like the Photo )
AC 90~240V Wall Socket Mains Adapter to Car Cigarette Lighter socket 12V Converter (W/ LED Indicator)
Product Features:
Ideal for those long road trips, this AC to DC Car Charger Socket Adapter will keep all your travel electronic devices charged and ready to go.
AC-DC Adapter allows you to power or charge your phone, PDA, MP3 Player, iPod, PSP and other electronic devices from a home/office wall socket using a Car Charger Cigarette Lighter .
Suitable for all car chargers
AC/DC power adaptor for use with cigarette lighter cables. 
Saves battery drain by powering a cigarette lighter adapter from the 240VAC mains power adaptor. 
Ideal when operating your GPS receiver indoors whilst programming routes and waypoints and downloading data from your GPS to your PC. 
Simple and cost effective.
• Converts household power AC Wall Plug to 2-volt DC.(With LED Power ON Indicator)
• Transform 90~240V 50/60Hz 80mA AC from wall plug into 12V DC 450mA or car charger or car lighter plug-in
• Auto Plug Adapter will convert any car charger into a wall charger.
• It will allow you to charge your phone, PDA, MP3 Player, iPod, PSP or other electronic devices from a home or office wall socket using a simple car charger. 
• The slim universal switching power supply supports AC 90~240V, ideal for international travel.
• Very convenient and easy to use
• Light and compact design
• Black color
• UK prongs plug

Product Details

This unit outputs 12vDC with a maximum load of 450mA.
We are aware that some customers are purchasing this product to plug-in other non GPS devices into it such as portable car fridges etc... 
Please remember that you must check the device you intend to plug in first that it does not draw more than 450mA otherwise you may damage the adapter as well as your device. Just because your device runs off 12vDC does not mean this adapter is suitable. Example: your device runs off 12vDC but draws 4 amps. This means it will draw over 3x more consumption than the adapter outputs.


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