This version gives a little bit more room to maneuver than our standard alarm padlocks. The shackle is slightly thicker offering more security against attacks. It is also fully removable from the body allowing it to be fitted to more applications. It is still a general purpose lock for use on bikes, gates and doors. It uses a hardened shackle and zinc alloy body with a 100db alarm which is activated by vibration or movement. Each lock comes with 3 keys.

Are The Electronics Weatherproof? 
Although the lock does use weatherproof electronics we would not recommend this lock for prolonged outdoor use for weeks where it is exposed to rain. If there is a cover or roof preventing the lock from getting wet then it ok to be used outdoors. Remember to ensure the lock is orientated upwards so that the alarm holes are not exposed directly to the rain. Please see the Xena models as a fully weatherproof alternative.

Can I Change The Batteries? 

Each lock comes with batteries installed, although the batteries are readily available from your local supermarket. If the lock is not being regularly activated then you should see at least 1 year battery life from the lock but it is recommended to test it every 2-3 months anyhow.

Uses & Applications:
This lock is an entry level padlock and not independently certified like the Xena locks. They are however a good quality and suitable for various applications. Some of our customers use them on gates, doors and sheds using a chain or hasp. Others simply attach the alarm lock to sports equipment such as kayaks and bikes whilst in a campsite or on a roof rack.

Each lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries. The lock has three sensitivity levels LOW-MED-HIGH. This lock can be used as an ordinary padlock unarmed or alarmed by simply taking out the shackle and inserting it back into the lock the other way round. When the lock is alarmed a single bleep will be heard.

This heavy duty innovative padlock is a high security multi-purpose locking device with a built-in tamper-proof ALARM SYSTEM. Its uses range far and wide.


  •  Combines locking function with alarming function.
  • Built-in movement triggered alarm, which can emit loud sound when the lock is hit or shaken.

  • Adopts MCU core procedures, high-tech integrated circuit and digital sensor chip.

  • Can be set to two states: mechanical lock and alarm.

  • Low false alarm rate.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Can be used on door, window, bicycle, container, motor bike, tricycle, pull gate, garden, etc.

  • Corrosion resistant, waterproof,  Suitable for all weather conditions; 

  • Powered by six button batteries.

  • Supplied with three keys, convenient to use.

  • Ideal for Motorbikes, Sheds, Gates, Caravans, Motorcycles, Ladders, Tool Boxes, Garden Furniture etc. 

Note: When you place the shackle with groove into lock near key port, then the lock comes into alarming state. When the shackle with groove is placed away from key port, the lock is just in the mechanical lock state


Operation Instructions:

1. Insert Key, Trun in a clockwise direction and remove shackle;

2. Replace shackle into lock with groove towards key port;

3. The lock will "Beep", at this point remove the key and alarm will set after 15 seconds;

4. When the lock is vibrated twice within 5 seconds the alarm will sound. The 5 second delay allows the lock to be opened by key without sounding.

5. The alarn sounds in  10 seconds intervals. The alarm will keep sounding with constant movement or vibration.

6. Once stopped the alram will re-set after 35 seconds.

T & C

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