Package Includes : 

1x   DGpro DG-04CVR-TRI 4Ch HDCVI/Analog/IP Digital Video Recorder 

4x   DGpro 1.0Megapixel 720p HDCVI IR Dome Camera or  1.0Megapixel 720p Weather-proof HDCVI IR Bullet Camera

1x   Optical Mouse

User Manual & CD Rom

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1 to 1 exchange for faulty unit and returned within one month after purchase

12 months warranty against manufacturing defect


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Actual View Captured By A DG-10MPCVID 1.0MP HDCVI Camera


What is HD-CVI?

HD-CVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface. This is a brand new technology in the security camera industry that provides a different method of transmitting video signals over coaxial cables.

Until this new technology surfaced, analog CCTV video was limited to 960h video resolution. 960h resolution refers to the 30% increase in horizontal resolution, so the maximum analog resolution up to this point was 960 x 480 pixels.

This has been the accepted limit to analog video transmission for many years. In order to achieve greater transmission would mean switching to digital video using either HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) or Network IP video formats.

When comparing HD-CVI to Analog CCTV cameras:

  • CCTV cameras are limited to 960h resolution which is 960 x 480 pixels. HD-CVI cameras can transmit up to 1080p resolution (2 Megapixel) which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. HD-CVI is capable of up to 450% great resolution and detail than standard CCTV cameras and DVRs.


    CCTV can only transmit video over the single coaxial cable. Audio and control must be run over separate cables. HD-CVI can transmit video, audio and control over a single cable saving money and time.

  • The price point of analog CCTV and HD-CVI is about the same. You get more resolution for the money with HD-CVI.

When comparing HD-CVI to HD-SDI the benefits are:

Longer video transmission distances. HD-SDI is limited to 333 feet for video transmission. HD-CVI can be transmitted up to 1500ft.

  • HD-SDI can only transmit video. HD-CVI can transmit video, audio and control requiring less cable infrastructure.

HD-SDI can only transmit over high quality copper core coaxial cable. HD-CVI can transmit over any cable used for CCTV cameras. It will work with copper clad aluminum, Ethernet cable with video baluns and even prefabricated plug and play cables.

  • HD-CVI is less expensive than HD-SDI.

When comparing HD-CVI to Network IP cameras:

IP cameras cannot transmit video over coaxial cable natively so the infrastructure must be built with ethernet cable or fiber. HD-CVI can transmit over Coaxial Cable or Ethernet cable using video baluns allowing the use of existing infrastructure saving money and time.

IP cameras cannot transmit video for distances over 333 feet without using relay devices on ethernet cable. HD-CVI can transmit video over 1500 feet without using relay devices over coax or ethernet cable.

  • IP cameras require bandwidth considerations and are subject to latency and collisions as well as IP conflicts. HD-CVI cameras do not consume any network bandwidth nor do they have latency or collision issues. This means that HD-CVI will not interfere with the operation of your network and is much simpler to install and configure.

HD-CVI technology is much less expensive than IP Network cameras and recorders.




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