Anti-Bacteria •  Anti-Mite •  Anion •  Far Infrared

Functions and Characteristics:
1. Anti-Bacteria: 99.99% anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties with various test reports.
2. Anti-mite: Prevention of allergy, rhinitis and eczema caused by dust mite.
3. Soft and comfort, Smooth blood circulation on all nerves. Not easy to cause bedsore (decubital ulcer), for long-term bedridden patients.
4. Helps to beat insomnia, let you to get a good night's sleep. Improving weak body and those with symptoms of consistent coldness.
5. Resonance of nano far infrared molecules resulting in release the magnetic energy
    i) Penetrate into the skin to massage and calm your nervous system
    ii) Releasing stress, reducing soreness and pain
    iii)  Raise oxygen levels in the blood for Cell revitalization
    iv) Enhance metabolism and blood circulation
    v) Reduce fatigue
    vi) Boost up the capacity of magnetic energy in your body.

抗菌 •  防螨 • 负离子 • 远红外线

1.    99.9%抗菌防臭,吸湿排汗,促进气血循环,并加速新陈代谢,具保健之功能。
2.    防螨:抗过敏,抗鼻炎,抗湿疹。
3.    柔软舒适,末稍神经血液循环顺畅,长期卧床病人,不易生褥疮。
4.    失眠者的福音,熟睡良伴,能活络血液,改善虚弱体质及冬天冰冷症状。
5.    运用奈米远红外线微粒分子共振所产生磁波能量,

Product Details


1. "Anti Bacterial & Anti Odour" Technology (This technology is under the guidance of ITRI)
    - Tested by ITRI with reports show that, it kills 99.9% of Bacteria, which include Candida Albicans, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Escherichia Coli.
    - Certified by US Food and Drug Administration (SGS No. 161934-04).
    - Environmental Friendly (Easy Wash, Quick Dry, Easy Care Fabric, and can reduce the use of water and power supply).

2. "Anti-Mite" Technology (This technology is under the guidance of ITRI)
    - Passed Japan's Dust Mite Prevention Association's regulations for products with 93.6%
 of mite prevention rate.
    - Certified by US Consumer Product Safety Commission

3. Nano "Anion" Technology (This technology is under the guidance of ITRI)
    - Tested by ITRI with reports show that, per square centimeter will release 1426 negative ions after friction.

4. Nano "Far Infrared" Technology (This technology is under the guidance of ITRI)
    - Tested by National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) with report show that, temperature increased when underneath the Nano Blanket, the emissivity of far infrared rays is between 0.8 to 1.0, which will help the body to absorp the energy.


1.    “抗菌防臭”前(后)处理导入(工研院辅导技传)

2.    “防螨”后处理导入(工研院辅导技传)

3.    纳米“负离子”前处理导入(工研院技术指导)

4.    纳米“远红外线”前处理导入(工研院技术指导)


Washing Notes:

• Either hand wash or machine wash.
• No bleaching. No ironing. Just normal wash.
• Can dry up under the sun.
• When using washing machine, pour in detergent and mixed well with water. Soak the energized blanket for about 10 minutes, letting dirt to drop off, for better cleaning results.



• 放入洗衣机洗涤或者手洗皆可
• 不可漂白,不可斗烫,常规干洗
• 悬挂晾干即可,可放置阳光下曝晒。
• 用洗衣机洗涤时,首先把洗剂放入水囊搅拌均匀后放入奈米保健毯。浸泡约10分钟左右待污迹从毯子上分离出来,清洗效果会更佳。

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