From the outset, the Tower was designed to invoke fear and awe. Over 27m tall and built from luminous Caen stone, William the Conquerors White Tower must have looked alien and forbidding to the newly-defeated English who were forced to build it in the 1070s. Williams successors most notably Henry III and his son Edward I - extended and strengthened the fortress throughout the Medieval period. By 1350 the Tower had taken on the impressive form we know today, complete with daunting defences, royal accommodation, a major branch of the Royal Mint and even an exotic menagerie with lions.

But it was during the Tudor period that the Tower entered the bloodiest period of its history. Its cells and torture chambers were rarely empty of political and religious prisoners in the aftermath of Henry VIIIs revolutionary break from the authority of the Pope in Rome.

At almost every stage since in Londons history, the Tower has had a starring role. In 1605, it played bleak host to Guy Fawkes after the disastrous plot to blow up . It was an important pawn in the Civil War. After the Restoration, it became a permanent home to the new Crown Jewels. Even during the two , the Tower played its part. It survived a direct hit during the , while the filled-in moat was used for growing fruit and vegetables. Several spies were also held and executed there: in 1941, German Josef Jakobs became the last person to be executed within the Towers walls.


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