3D Foot Mask 美肌足膜 (2 Pairs)


Baby Smooth Peeling Foot Mask removes excessive layers of stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead skin cells) on the foot, giving your feet a healthier appearance and a silky smooth touch. Use regularly for optimum results.


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每盒附有两双3D Foot Mask与一支护脚霜。


- 加速角质代谢

- 保持亮丽肤质

- 超强保湿效果

- 深层滋润皮肤

- 补充胶原蛋白






















  1. 不适当或过量使用都会造成皮肤过敏。

  2. 每次使用后的一星期内,避免暴晒与进行一些需要赤脚性的户外活动。

  3. 脚部症状如:脚气、湿疹、伤口发炎及过敏性皮肤患者,不建议使用美肌足膜。

  4. 使用前请将产品轻涂在您的手背上以做测试,如您会对果酸敏感者,建议使用前可向医生咨询。

  5. 每次使用后,请不要使用其它器具来清除死皮,因这可能导致出血以及产生其它皮肤发炎等症状。

  6. 如果您觉得在使用足膜的过程中感觉有任何的瘙痒、肿胀或不适,必须立即停止并拆下。如有需要请咨询您的医生。

  7. 请将产品放置在阴凉或干燥处、避免放在阳光直接照射到的地方。


Baby Smooth Peeling 3D Foot Mask   

-         Accelerates Keratinization

-         Fairer & Even Skin Tone

-         Moisturizing Effects

-         Smoother & Softer Skin Feel


  1. Skin irritations may occur with inappropriate and / or excessive usage.
  2. After each application and for at least 1 week, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and outdoor activities that requires you to be barefooted.
  3.  DO NOT use Baby Smooth Peeling Foot Mask if you have any of these symptoms - athlete's foot, open wounds, eczema/dermatitis or sensitive skin.
  4. This product contains AHA, it is advisable to test a small amount of the product on your skin at the back of your wrists before application. Alternatively, you may consult your doctor if you are allergic to any AHA products.
  5. After every application, avoid scrubbing with foot file and other forms of forceful attempts to peel off dead skin cells. These may cause bleeding and inflammation of the skin. 
  6. Should you feel any itching, swelling, redness or discomfort during the application of the foot mask, remove them immediately and consult your doctor if necessary.
  7. Store product in cool, dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.



Step 1 - Clean and dry feet before use.

Step2 - Pour ‘Active Solution’ into 3D Foot Mask and put them on like wearing a pair of socks. Apply pressure on both feet to ensure the entire foot soles come in contact with the active solution.

Step3- Wear the 3D Foot Mask for 90-120 minutes on the first application. After removing the 3D Foot Mask, wipe both feet with the ‘Moisturizing Foot Pad’ provided in the pack and dry both feet with a clean dry towel. Do not rinse with water.

Step 4- Apply moisturizing cream on both feet twice a day for a week, to maintain skin's moisture balance and protection for your feet.

Step 5 - Depending on each individual, peeling may occur 4-7days after application of the foot mask. Soak both feet in warm water for approximately 30 mins and then gently rub off excess dead skin cells.

Step 6 - Repeat the application of Baby Smooth Peeling Foot Mask 4 weeks later. Subsequent application will depend on individual needs (recommended with intervals of at least 3 weeks). Use at least 6 times for best results. (Repeat steps 1-5).

To maintain a healthy skin renewal process of your feet, use Baby Smooth Peeling Foot Mask on a regular basis together with moisturizing foot creams.



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