This Transformers Alphabet Robot (A-Z) pack is a fantastic and unique educational toy to teach children alphabet with fun.
All 26 alphabet robots can be transformed to different robots,
Each robot with magnet can put on refrigator
Each robot size about 5cm x5.3cm
Through the screw and a simple action, to develop intelligence and exercise muscles. Through the magic of interesting morph doll play, natural grasp English letters. 26 English letters can transformed into different forms of the doll.
***1 letter transformed robot
The 26 English letters set, one hundred, a lot of fun. To stimulate children's creative imagination, cultivate B practical ability.
***2 letter transformed variety combination of words
The 26 letters of the alphabet can be combined into words, learn through play, in a relaxing and fun in the process of mastering English vocabulary, learning fun.
***3 transformed cool refrigerator
Colour Magnetic Alphabet and three-dimensional design, free deformation. Part of the posture can be safely absorbed on the refrigerator surface and any magnetic whiteboard. The children, now will be their favourite characters in his robot adsorption refrigerator!
***4 transformed portable bag
Novel cartoon bag, convenient collection and carrying.
***5 transformed magnetic whiteboard set
Specially designed custom printed cartoon magnetic whiteboard, can learn letters, writing, painting, arithmetic, also can be placed on the ground, your robot warrior paibingbuzhen.
***6 transformed a cleaning head pen


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