The 24w LED surface downlight is an efficient LED downlight suitable for for use in domestic and commercial environments. The surface mount model is designed to be installed on solid surfaces (such as concrete) where a cutout is not possible.

These round and square aperture surface mount LED downlights are perfect for: • Residential applications. (kitchens, hallways, living spaces).

Simple and basic lighting system and economical solution for all types of premises, for home, office, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, gas stations. Low energy consumption. LED products consume about 10 times less power than ordinary downlights. Long life environmentally friendly products.

  • Built-out led driver, simple wiring, convenient installation;
  • Beautiful appearance, no spot and dark areas;
  • High color-rendering index, good color;
  • Cold rolled steel sheet,imported PMMA, Acrylic mask,good impact resistance;
  • Even and soft light, no dark area, anti glare;
  • AC90V ~ 265V power, constant current drive power, safe and reliable
  • No stroboscopic, care for family health;
  • Lifespan over 45,000hrs;
  • Low power consumption. 
  • HIGH Energy Efficiency. Up to 90% energy saves in your house.
  • Long lifespan. LED lasts 50,000 hours.
  • No danger of broken glass.
  • Environmentally Friendly; Recyclable as well. 
  • Wattage:24w
  • Luminous: 2160lm
  • LED Chip: Super Bright SMD2835
  • Body  Color: White
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V 50/60HZ
  • Dimension: 300*300*37mm
  • Color Temperature:
  • Warm White(2700-3200K)                                                             
  • Natural White(4000-4500K)                                                             
  • Cool White(5700-6500K)
  • Shell Material: Aluminium + Acrylic cover
  • Working temperature: -20 -65°C
  • Weight: 1.60Kg
  • Damnability: Not dimmable   
  • Certificates: CE/ROHS
  • Power Factor: >0.85
  • Life Time: >50,000H
  • Warranty: 1 years

Product Details

Surface Downlight 12w LED adalah sistem lampu yang asas, simple dan digunakan secara meluas di premis, rumah, pejabat, bangunan awam, hotel, restoran, stesen minyak dan lain lain. Surface downlight LED guna eletrik yang rendah kira-kira 10 kali ganda kurang daripada downlights biasa. Dia mempunyai hayat produk yang panjang dan mesra alam, surface LED downlight ini diguna dalam permasangan kepada permukaan konkrit di mana tempat yang tak ada plaster siling

Sistem lampu yang mudah dan asas dan ekonomi untuk semua jenis premis, untuk rumah, pejabat, bangunan awam, hotel, restoran, stesen gas. Penggunaan tenaga yang rendah. produk LED mengambil kira-kira 10 kali ganda kurang daripada downlights biasa.

• Pendawaian mudah dan pemasangan mudah;

• Rupa yang cantik, terang and tiada kawasan gelap;

• AC90V ~ kuasa 265V, selamat dan sesuai diguna di Malaysia

• Tiada stroboscopic, penjagaan kesihatan keluarga;

• Jangka hayat lebih 45,000hrs;

• Penggunaan kuasa yang rendah.

• Mesra alam

• Wattage: 24w

• Bercahaya: 2160lm

• Cip LED: Super Bright SMD2835

• Warna Badan: White

• Voltan Input: AC85-265V 50 / 60HZ

• Dimensi: 300 * 300 * 37mm

• Suhu Warna:

• Lampu Warna Putih  (2700-3200K)

• Lampu Warna Kuning (4000-4500K)

• Lampu Warna Cool White (5700-6500K)

• Bahan : Aluminium + akrilik

• Suhu Kerja: -20 -65 ° C

• Berat: 1.60Kg

• Damnability: Tidak boleh

• Faktor kuasa:> 0.85

• Life Time:> 50,000H

• Jaminan: 1 tahun



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