1960'ss 100% Steamed natural Brown Rice Powder     100%天然蒸熟糙米粉

Steamed Natural Brown Rice Powder is an excellent product prepared from the simulation of traditional cooking process. Unlike other marketed brands which processes by high temperature method. Our product is mild, pleasant to the taste and odor, which just similar to home-made porridge with natural cooked rice aroma and flavour. It is the first priority of choice for your daily nutritional supplement. b1,

Benefits: 1. Contains good source of protein, vitamin B1, B2, B3, dietary fiber, minerals, essential fatty acids, iron, manganese, selenium and magnesium.
               2. Nutritional supplement, enhance metabolism, assists in digestion system, and cleanse stomach and intestines.

天然蒸熟糙米粉: 仿古法炮制,不同于市售其他平牌只高温糊化糙米粉;使用本品冲泡之糙米水,口感温和、味道清甜;就像家里自煮的米粥水一样;清淡中带着一股天然的米香味,是您每日营养的第一补充品。

优点: 1. 含丰富蛋白质,维生素B1, B2, B3, 膳食纤维,矿物质,必须脂肪酸,铁,錳,硒,镁。
            2. 营养补充,促进新陈代谢,帮助消化,清理肠胃。


Net Weight: 600g




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