Multipurpose Physiotherapy Heat Pad provides instant heat therapy without using electricity, microwave or hot water. It warms up instantly by just clicking the metal discs inside the HEAT PAD. Maximum temperature around 54 degC or 130 degF is suitable for human body and skin. Suitable for soothing pains, aches, stiffness or cramps on all body area. It is also can use as hand warmer in winter or cold weather.
  1. Promote blood circulation, improve immunity and stimulate acupuncture points.
  2. Relieve muscle pain, backache, shoulder and neck pain, headache, migraine,
  3. joint pain, tendonitis, knee pain, sinus, tennis elbow, sport injuries , stiff neck, abdominal discomfort and menstrual pain.
  4. Soothing muscle aches, inflammation, cramps, arthritis pain and tendonitis
  1. For heat physiotherapy.
  2. Heat therapy and hot massage in spa.
  3. A good warming product in winter/cold.
  4. Very convenient to be used indoor or carried outdoors for travelling, hiking, skiing, camping, sailing.
  5. To use as cool pad : put in freezer for cooling before using. Helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Ideal for bumps, bruises, toothache, sprains, fever and etc.

Product Details

  1. Instant turn on heat by clicking metal disc. No hot water, no microwave, no fire and no electricity required.
  2. Safe and convenient application of heat (or cold) to discomfort body area.
  3. Suitable temperature for human body, and skin.
  4. No hot water, no microwave, no smoke and no electricity required.
  5. Recyclable and environmental friendly.
  6. Re-usable for hundred times by following the instructions.
  7. Can use anywhere anytime.
  8. Size : 15cm x 10cm
  9. Weight : 230g
  10. Quantity : 3 pc
  11. Material : 80% food grade sodium acetate (a form of salt), 20% water and a stainless steel disk


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