爱敬-中草药洗发水 防脱发洗发露 中干性,敏感性发质/清爽去屑/止痒/增强发质弹力洗发露 
Ak shampoo 200 ml volumizing / strengthening hair root /
- 特别制作的一款增强发质弹性 养发洗发露 

Ak - herbal shampoo anti-hair loss shampoo for dry, sensitive hair / fresh dandruff / itching / enhanced elastic hair Shampoo

- Specially produced an enhanced hair elastic hair care shampoo
1. contains a wealth of 6 years red ginseng concentrate ingredients that can help damaged hair restored to its former luster, in addition to the product also contains barley, peas, sesame seeds, perilla, white light Yin seed compound formula, nourish the scalp and hair in dry hair to increase nutrition, to make it more smooth, moisturizing and elastic
2.32 hours 85 degrees red ginseng commitment
Korea Agro Association finds that product quality is guaranteed. 100% of the domestic Korean red ginseng, red ginseng 6-year low temperature extraction (85 degrees 32 hours) carefully brewed out of concentrate, hair care, hair care and hair follicle root
3. derived from natural plant, no animal ingredients added, his home land produced seeds (raw material), dermatology products inspection
Usage: wet hair, take the paint in the hair, making it bubble, massage for 2-3 minutes, rinse.


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