Having daily food, feeling tiredness, become angry and having fever or uncomfortable (having no good digestion, constipation) getting fat or early wrinkles, your health condition is in red line, supplement enzymes could be highly considered.

The 101 Golden Tempe are extracted from the mung bean, are protein hydrolysis enzyme and more functions.

101 Golden Tempe Drink, powder sachets, easy for mixing with water. It's a new and highly nutrious Tempe Drink.

High temperature destroyed the Tempe enzyme. 101 Golden tempe Drink provided most of the tempe enzyme we needed.

Value-added Benefits:

  1. Hepatoprotective effect
  2. Anti cancer effect
  3. Anti stress effect
  4. Immuno modulating effect,
  5. Anti inflammatory effect
  6. Anti diabetic effect
  7. Anti pigmentation effect.
高温会破坏了天贝酵素。 101黄金天贝饮料中,含大量天贝酵素。
  1. 天贝也给予肝保护作用
  2. 抗肿瘤作用
  3. 抗应激作用
  4. 免疫调节作用
  5. 抗炎作用
  6. 抗糖尿病作用
  7. 抗色素沉着作用

Product Details


  1. Water Temperature < 70°C Cold/Warm/Ice.
  2. 1-2 sachet/per day.


  1. 水温 <70°C 冷饮/温饮/冰饮。
  2. 1-2杯/每天。


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