1002 - 粉色系列美白再生补水晚霜 (30g)

Whitening & Regeneration Hydrating Night Cream / Gel Type 30g


成分 :

金盏草  -  具有清热解毒,散瘀消肿功效

川穹  -  美白肌肤,治疗面部黑斑

沙棘 - 可明显的改善皮肤表皮细胞循环的功能,   促进皮肤毛细血管的微循环作用,   改善新陈代谢,有抗皱、增白、消炎作用.

洋甘菊 - 有抗炎和修复的作用.

芦荟精华  - 保湿,镇静,滋润,抗敏感,去红肿

Product Details

功效 :可明显的改善皮肤表皮细胞循环的功能,促进皮肤毛细血管的微循环作用,抑制脂质过氧化作用的进行,改善新陈代谢,延缓皮肤衰老过程,有抗皱、增白、消炎作用,保湿滋润,使用后皮肤光滑轻松,对抗皮肤老化皱纹、皮肤角质硬化脱皮,达到让肌肤重现生机功效。



* 使用本产品只需适量, 无需过量。

   Just  need appropriate amount. 

* 收到货物可联络客服询问产品的使用方法及步骤。

   When received the product, please contact our customer service for detail how to use Finamo product.

T & C

  • Delivery will take 3-5 working days to proceed after purchased.
  • Delivery only, no collection option available.
  • Customer will need to bear the Re-delivery of returned parcel.
  • Customer must inspect product immediately upon arrival to ensure item is good in condition.
  • To make claims, please email to and provide below details:
  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Delivery Address
  4. Photos or Video of faulty item
  5. Reason 
  • Email must be attached with Logon Voucher as proof of purchase.
  • Delivery costs must be covered by customer.
  • Merchant will cover delivery costs of replacement product to customer.
  • Faulty items must be delivered in their original packaging.


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