100% Pure Wild Honey

Pure Wild Honey is a natural prouct from Forest. Its is the most original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flower. Collected straight away by orang asli nearby which is totally unheated, unpasteurised, unprocessed honey. Its 100% pure & raw.

Honey is color graded into light, amber, and dark categories which do not really have any bearing on quality. Some of the most distinctively and strongly flavored honey varieties, such as basswood, are very light, while very mild and pleasant honeys such as tulip poplar can be quite dark. Honey color is measured on the Pfund Scale in millimeters. While it is not an indicator of honey quality and there are exceptions to the rule, generally speaking, the darker color the honey, the higher its mineral contents, the pH readings, and the aroma/flavor levels. Minerals such as potassium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, manganese, magnesium, and sodium have been found to be much higher in darker honeys. 

For most consumers, good quality honey is expected to be visually free of defect -- clean and clear. Honey which has a very high pollen content appears cloudy, and the presence of many other contaminations such as particles of wax, bees, splinters of wood, and dust certainly does make it look unappetising and unappealing for anyone to buy and consume, and hence it appears as if it's of very low value. Unfortunately, no matter how much food value or health benefits some of these particles like pollen can offer, this kind of honey is hard to be associated with good quality honey and is immediately rejected by most consumers at the super-mart. And this explains why it's almost impossible to find unfiltered, raw honey on the shelf. Its cloudy appearance makes them commercially unattractive. 


**Customers who willing to buy need to be that this item sold is without any box packaging like supermarket, due to it is direct filling into bottle by orang asli.

** 1 bottle = +/- 1kg



100% 纯天然野蜂蜜

据报 道,考古学家在埃及的 一个古墓里面发现了一 坛已有2000多年的蜂蜜, 至今味道依然非常可口 !所以,真正蜂蜜的常 识--这里没有蜂蜜固定的 使用期限,这是食物界 的一个奇迹;它从不变 坏!许多人非常惊奇地 发现细菌不能在蜂蜜中 生长,因为所有事情都 是一样的,细菌喜欢糖 。蜂蜜的化学成分非常 独特,它含水非常少, 它的PH值大概在(3.2-4.5), 属于酸性物质,因此非 常不利于细菌和微生物 的生长。这样,标在蜂 蜜坛上"最好在"保存期限 之前使用的提示似乎变 得不是很重要了。

所有的花蜜中都包含了 一些酵母,能够让蜂蜜 在湿的环境中繁殖和发 酵。当酵母发酵时不会 产生任何危害,一些蜂 蜜加工者使用巴氏杀菌 法,通过快速加热杀灭 酵母菌而不太多破坏蜂 蜜的营养成分,然后快 速冷却蜂蜜。巴氏灭菌 法可以让蜂蜜长时间保 持在液体状态,减慢颗 粒的形成。

实际上,越来越多的研究发现蜂蜜多方面的医用价值。蜂蜜的好处不仅仅是甜蜜可口;它还可以当杀菌剂使用,具有抗氧化功能,能清洁你的肠道和血管,让你的身体更加健康。蜂蜜对女性的美容养颜也很有功效,同样让人吃惊的是蜂蜜可以作为药物,让从头到脚的一些小病加速痊愈 ,如治疗结膜炎和足癣。蜂蜜作为药物使用已经有数千年历史了。长久以来,蜂蜜被用来促进伤口愈合,医治疾病和调节身体内分泌。纯天然蜂蜜是老饕们最常找的蜂蜜,是口味最好的天然药物,经常在有关蜂蜜作用的学术讨论中被提及。蜂蜜不仅可以抗传染病,增强抵抗力,而且可以减少发炎和去疤。此外,对于消化系统疾病,比如腹泻,消化不良,胃溃疡和肠胃炎也有治疗效果。越来越多的健康专家和理论(比如,睡觉也能瘦不可思议的蜂蜜减肥法)证实了蜂蜜的功效,这个古老的天然甜味剂正变得越来越受欢迎。

蜂蜜的颜色分为亮,琥珀黄,暗这几种类型,这跟质量没有太大的关系。有一些非常独特且口味很有刺激性的蜂蜜品种,比如椴木蜂蜜,非常明亮,而郁金香味道温和令人舒适,其颜色可以非常深。颜色的深浅可以准确的衡量蜂蜜的质量。蜂蜜的颜色用比色计测量,单位是毫米。虽然它不是一个衡量蜂蜜质量的指标,但也有例外,一般来说,颜色较深的蜂蜜有较高的矿物含量, pH值读数,以及香气和口味水平。矿物质如钾,氯,硫,铁,锰,镁和钠在颜色深的蜂蜜中含量比较高。





**1 瓶 = +/- 1kg


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Real Bees' Nest/蜂巢实图


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