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  • Illuminated Multimedia Gaming Keyboard

    • 19 Anti-Ghosting Keys
    • Switchable WASD keys with Arrow keys
    • 2 modes of input speed (Standard / Fast)
    • 7 different illuminated backlight color options
    • Windows Lock key prevents unexpected interruption












Product Details

  • Features

    Arm yourself with the new PROLiNK® VELIFER keyboard that is developed exclusively for bedroom gamers. The Velifer is one of the quietest keyboards in the market. No matter how intense your gaming gets, these whisper-quiet keys will definitely keep the decibels down.

    Whether you’re gaming under low light or complete darkness, the 7-color brightness adjustable backlit keys will ensure that you never lose sight of them during important battles. Better yet, left handed deviants are now able to enjoy FPS games with a lefty hotkey feature which allows you to interchange the WASD and Arrow keys via a function switch key.

    This feature-packed gaming keyboard is also designed with an extreme anti-ghosting feature which allows keystrokes to be registered simultaneously. Unlock your full gaming potential now with the PROLiNK Velifer.

    Melengkapkan diri anda dengan keyboard baru PROLiNK® VELIFER yang dibangunkan secara eksklusif untuk pemain tidur. The Velifer adalah salah satu papan kekunci paling tenang di pasaran. Tidak kira bagaimana sengit permainan anda mendapat, kunci-kunci bisikan-tenang pasti akan menyimpan desibel ke bawah.
    Sama ada anda perjudian di bawah cahaya rendah atau kegelapan lengkap, kecerahan 7-warna kekunci backlit laras akan memastikan bahawa anda tidak pernah lupa mereka dalam pertempuran penting. Lebih baik lagi, kiri sesat tangan kini dapat menikmati FPS permainan dengan ciri hotkey kidal yang membolehkan anda bertukar ganti yang WASD dan Kekunci anak panah melalui kunci suis fungsi.
    Ciri-dikemas permainan keyboard juga direka dengan ciri-ciri anti-ghosting melampau yang membolehkan ketukan kekunci untuk didaftarkan pada masa yang sama. Membuka kunci potensi permainan penuh anda sekarang dengan Prolink Velifer

    • 5 million times key press
    • Silent keyboard
    • Plug & Play
    • X-blade key switch



    Advanced Gaming
    • 19 Anti-Ghosting Keys
    • Switchable WASD keys with Arrow keys
    • Windows Lock key prevents unexpected interruption
    • 2 modes of input speed (standard/fast)
    • 12 multimedia shortcuts with Fn key



    • 7 different illuminated backlight colour options
      Product Thumbnail

      • USB
      Operating System
      • Windows XP / Vista / 7 /8
      Operating Voltage
      • 5VDC ± 5%
      Operating Current
      • 100mA (max.)
      Cable Length
      • 1.6 Meter
      Report Rate
      • 500 Hz
      LED colours
      • Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow and White
      Operating temperature
      • 0º C ~ 50º C
      Operating Humidity
      • 10% ~ 85% RH
      Dimensions 462 x 181.2 x 20mm (L x W x H)
      Weight 670g±20
      Package Content


      • 1 x VELIFER Illuminated Multimedia Gaming Keyboard
      • 1 x User Manual


      1 YEAR

      Connectivity Interface

       Windows 7™ 

       OS Supported

      Windows 7™   Windows Vista™   Windows 2000 / XP™   Linux
      * Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8, Linux,


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The Mission
Accentuate The Best For The e-Generation
PROLiNK's mission is to accentuate the best for the e-generation. The e-generation embraces technology, which has become an integral part of each and everyone's lives in the modern marketplace.
Being a performance enhancer, our products allow users the work smart with lesser effort and higher efficiency. Home users want affordable, easy accessible and effortless solutions for their technological needs and business users would want to gain an edge with their investments by building a secured and reliable network infrastructure for their business growth.
PROLiNK® focus on providing additional value for both home and business users with its wide range of products, plus the friendly customer service support that is available with just a phone call away.


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PROLiNK® aspires to be the technological driving force behind the evolution. Our team sets the highest standards to provide the next generation with infrastructures suited for the technologically advanced environment. The small ´i´ in PROLiNK® is about ideas, innovation and information.
By 2009, PROLiNK® aims to be the key driving force behind the technology change in both developing and developed countries.


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