Hoodia Dtox Ganoderma oligosaccharide probiotics Detox

Net Weight: 15 Sachets x 18g (270g)


1. Dietary Fiber (Dietary-Fiber)-Prevent constipation . Colon and colorectal cancer . Lower cholesterol.
2. Soy Fiber (Soybean Fibers)- Resistant full.
3. The Oat Fiber (Oat Fiber)- Stool discharge of oil blocks.
4. Psyllium (Physlium Husk) - Laxative lipid-lowering.
5. Rooibos (SOD Tea Extract)- Maintain a youthful anti-aging.
6. Alfalfa Tea (Alfafa Extract)- Exclude anemia blood uric acid.
7. G. Lucidum Extract (Ganoderma Extract) ~~ Enhance skin cell immunity,long food light not old,sickness immortals.
8. Citric Acid (Citric Acid) - Natural preservative.
9. Oligosaccharides (Oligosaccharide) - Increase beneficial bacteria.
10. Fructose ( Levulose ) (Fructose) - Supply of energy and rehydration.

Hoodia Detox Main Funchion:

1. Clear the stomach
2. Eliminate bad breath
3. Prevention of disease
4. Health care
5. Regulate mood
6. Detoxifies
7. Prevention of Obesity
8. Chills
9. Row edema
10. Perspiration does not smell , Eliminate odor
11. Clear Body Heatf for Headache or Fever

More Suitable:

* Breast-Feeding Mummy
* Old People
* On Diet People
* Children
* Constipation persons


Take 1 Sachet Hoodia Detox mix 200 ml water greenhouse / cold water "Cant Use Hot Water" Stir and Serve. Drinking Every day before going to bed.
"Children Take Half Sachet"


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