Three "dewdrops" glitter from the beautiful red trillium on this coin.

Its name comes from the Greek word tris which means "thrice," and describes the flower's three petals, three sepals and three leaves. 

The petals are a rich, deep red and form one of nature's most distinctive blooms that is breathtaking and unforgettable in its simplicity. Trillium erectum is native to northeastern North America, and was once common throughout the deciduous forests of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but overpicking and development have made it increasingly rare.

In spring, each plant produces a single flower, and picking it can be fatal, or hinder the plant's ability to bloom for several years. The red trillium is a slow-growing plant that can live for 30 years, but may take as many as 15 to bloom; this stunning coin delivers a crystal-enhanced flower to enthral admirers for generations to come. 

Like every coin in this highly collectible series, this coloured 99.99% pure silver coin is highlighted with three sparkling Swarovski Elements™, representing morning dew drops. Order yours today! 

Special features:

  • This striking coloured coin dotted with 3 Swarovski crystal elements captures the glory of spring's early-flowering Trillium erectum—the lovely red trillium.
  • Incredible artistry: the full-colour original artwork by Canadian artist Margaret Best is engraved and finished with exceptional craftsmanship by Royal Canadian Mint engravers.
  • Striking engraving and beautiful colour bring to life every detail of this rich burgundy-red flower on its delicate green stem, set against a distinctive whorl of three grass-green leaves.
  • An excellent addition to any nature-focused, floral, or Canadiana collection.
  • 99.99% pure silver.

This coin features a bright burgundy red trillium bloom where three ruddy petals sit atop three red-lined green sepals. From the centre of the flower rise six pink stamens and three short stigmas. Viewed from the front and slightly above, the flower is perched on a bowing, delicate green stem above the characteristic whorl of three leaf-like bracts borne by all trilliums. Each petal of the flower is adorned with a sparkling crystal-coloured Swarovski element. 

Product Details

Mintage : 10000
Composition : 99.99% pure silver
Finish : Proof
Weight (g) : 31.39
Diameter (mm) : 38
Edge : Serrated
Certificate : Serialized
Face Value : 20 dollars

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