Doman Right Brain 1-100 Dot Flash Card






Doman Right Brain 1-100 Red Dot Card

- 1 – 100 Red Dot Cards - 350gram Art Card - Size 28& 32x 28 cm)

- Total 129pcs which consist of

   a) 2 sets of 1-20,

   b) 80pcs of 21-100,

   c) 8 pcs of Symbol

- Size of Red Dot is 1.9cm

- Code: FCADC


In the first six years of life, a children has a mind that absorbs great amounts of information without any effort. This is also the child's greatest learning capability period. Thus, flashing words using flash cards c #97n help stimulate the development of both hemispheres of the child's brain Dot method?! What is it? Out of all the methods by Glenn Doman, his approach to learning math is the most… surprising.


We are used to recitals of sequence of numbers (1, 2, 3…), then simple counting, then long and difficult process of weaning off counting fingers and teaching kids to do it in their minds. G&# 08en Doman believes that there is no need for this long and difficult process. According to the research that was conducted in the Institutes of Achieving Human Potential, children are born with an ability to discern quantity of objects by sight. Remember Rainman? Looking at a hundreds of toothpicks and saying their exact number without counting. Apparently all the kids are able to do it and lose this amazing ability if we donâ #508;™t help them develop it.


In order to do it, Glen Doman suggests using large flash cards with dots (hence – Dot Method), increasing the number of random dots on the cards gradually, getting children accustomed first to quantities, then to equasions with those quantities, and finally even with algebraic sequences, sophisticated equations and even inequalities. Since children get used to doing quations with dots (quantities) instead of numbers (meaningless symbols!), they learn to UNDERSTAND problem solving in math, as opposed to memorizing the formulas to get to the correct answer of the problem. Once children go through this introductory concept of quantities, normal numbers are finally introduced and tiny children continue enjoying sophisticated equations in the more traditional for us way: 127+12-66*2=â€&brv ar; For the details and further proof, please read How to Teach Your Baby Math by Glen Doman. Once you are familiar with the method, you can find brief summary of steps to help you stay on track and further resources.


1-100 å⊃3;脑圆ç‚⊃1;闪卡介绍:

å⊃3;è&# #4932;‘圆ç‚⊃1;卡"在实践中吸收总结杜曼、七田真等国际著名å&# 43;⊃3;脑潜能开发专家的成功教学æ–⊃1;æ⊃3;•ã€‚通过学ä⊃1; å­©å­å¯ä»¥å&ique t;«é€Ÿæé«˜ä»¥ä¸‹èƒ½åŠ›:-

* 提高悟性和情商

* åŸ⊃1;养良好的学ä⊃1; ä⊃1; æƒ&m cr;

* 直觉能力超强,有独ç‰⊃1;创造力

* 活化大脑细胞,提高å&cu ren;§è„‘实物æƒ⊃3;象力

* 超高速自动演算100内的数学运算能力

* 看&au& 109l;¸€çœ¼å°±èƒ½å¤ŸçŸ¥é“卡片是多少ç‚⊃1;æ•°çš„å⊃3;脑反映能力

* 活化ç&&# 5156;¼æ†çŠ¶ç»†èƒžå’Œé”¥çŠ¶ç»†èƒžï¼Œè®­ç»ƒè§†è§‰å½±åƒè®°å¿†ã€å¿«é€Ÿé˜…è¯&r&# 7quo;能力

* 看到图像、文字、数字、符号,像照相机一般印å&# 13;¥è„‘中的照相记忆能力


1.全套红圆ç‚⊃1;卡共129张,包括从0-100çš„ 21张,其中1-20是每张2份,另配运算符号加、减、ä⊃1;˜ã€é™¤ã€å¤§ auml;ºŽã€å°äºŽã€ç­‰äºŽã€ä¸ç­‰äºŽï¼Œå…±8张,共 计129张。

2、卡片的å&# 8deg;ºå¯¸ï¼š28CM*28CM(标准杜曼尺寸) 卡片的质的:350克优质A级单铜白卡ç& 1rdm;¸(公认的做卡片最好的白卡纸).圆ç‚⊃1;的尺寸:直径为1.9CMçš #38#132;红è‰⊃2;圆ç‚⊃1;

3、卡片背面四个角为数字,完全按照标准制作(ä&cedi&# 08;å»ºè®®èƒŒé¢åšæˆæ•°å­—卡的形式,影响教学使用)

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